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NUTRI-PEPTIDE with Active Acids
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chemical peeling for sensetive skin



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NUTRI-PEPTIDE with Active Acids:

This active line combines natural ingredients with the latest technological developments to generate rapid results in the clinic and continue effective treatment at home.

The range of products represents a complete anti-aging regiment, treating spots, wrinkles, and unbalanced skin by providing moisture, nutrients, and the very best skin care. Innovative components with a low molecular weight act in synergy with natural processes that are active in every skin layer. Studies indicate that the cells' energy (ATP) needed to support the natural structure of the skin decreases significantly as the years go by. As a result, the skin gradually loses its ability to slow the aging process, which leads directly to wrinkles, dryness, and a rough texture. "Anti-aging starts from within" – today it is clear that a direct connection exists between maintaining the regenerative process of the cells (fibroblasts) and smooth, firmlooking skin.

A peel featuring 16% lactic acid and a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids. Brings about the rapid elimination of dead cells, despite the small amount of time it is on your skin. Lightens pigmentation, treats fine lines and wrinkles promotes natural collagen production and improves the natural balance of moisture in the skin's outer layer.


1. Oily, unbalanced skin, enlarged pores

2. Dry skin

3. Poor elasticity

4. Rough texture and discoloration

5. Fine lines and wrinkles

6. Uneven tone

7. Loss of firmness and radiance

An active treatment that creates a protective, nourishing system for dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and oily, unbalanced skin.

There are 3 different boosters in accordance with the goals of each treatment: ANTI-AGING BOOSTER, WHITENING BOOSTER, OILY & COMBINATION BOOSTER;


Treatment Length: 60 minutes

Treatment Frequency: Once/Twice  per month


Price: 880 HKD    

with Facial Membership: 616 HKD, read more


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