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BIOPLASMA® - Open Day (1)

Trial Session: HK$ 580 (original price HK$1380)

BIOPLASMA® - Open Day (1)
BIOPLASMA® - Open Day (1)


Time is TBD

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Until 30th September try Legendary Collagen Induction Facial  BIOPLASMA® with special prices!

"Powerful - as a peeling, Gentle- as a facial !"

"Open Day" Prices:

*limited availability, reservation required

  • Bioplasma® Facial with Active Acids - HK$580 (original price HK$ 1380/60 mins) 
  • Bioplasma® + VelaSmooth Facelift - HK$880 (original price HK$ 2430/85 mins)

RESULT:   Patented Active Ingridients signals the cells to produce natural moisture, collagen & elastin.

After Treatment: new Collagen start produce very fast. So the best Bioplasma® benefits you will observe in few days later (7-10 days after treatment). It's recommended to have a high protein diet during 1-2 weeks after treatment.

Patented active Ingredients (NSA-Complex) give to the skin the following benefits:

 • Increased Protein Activity with reduction in accumulated stress stressed skin. • Increased Cell Breathing Function “Breathing Cells” ensure skin rejuvenation. • Affording energy (ATP) and encouraging Mitochondrial Activity Cell energy forms the basis for the appearance of younger looking skin, and with the formation of ideal DNA cells, aids the exfoliation of the outer skin layers. • Reduction of Environmental Damage. Algae are rich in anti oxidants due to their need for protection from exposure to strong UV rays when the tides are low. • Breaking Down of Free Radicals. Due to its activity, broken molecules of free radicals are deactivated without any skin damage. • Increased Moisture Levels. 

Skin becomes thicker, stronger and firmer.



1. Aging Skin

2. Sagging Skin

3. Enlarged pores

2. Dry skin

3. Poor elasticity

4. Uneven tone

5. Fine lines and wrinkles

Recommended Course: 6-10 sessions

Recommended Frequency: every 12-14 days

Suitable for all skin type. 

No recovery period.

  • SLS - FREE


Velasmooth Pro - FACELIFT (Israel, Syneron & Candela).

Patented Elos Technology (by Syneron) combines Radiofrequncies & Infrared Light, provides painless instant facelift result. Stimulate collagen production. 

FDA aprooved


  • Bioplasma®

    Include full session Bioplasma® (60 mins, original price 1380 HK$); earn 58 points;

  • Bioplasma®+Velasmooth Facelift

    Include full session Bioplasma® with Velasmooth Pro Facelift (85 mins, original price 1HK$ 2430); earn 88 points;




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