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MICRO-NEEDLING MESOACTIVE  by gigi laboratories

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Micro-Needling  MesoActive GiGi

A SERIES of active solutions especially suited

for professional Mesotherapy treatments.

PRICE: 1650 HK$ ( add 250 HK$  for NECK ) 

SKIN TYPE:       all

PROBLEM:       FACE : aging skin, sagging, acne scars, acne, large pores,                                                                    wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin.

                             BODY: stretch marks, scars, cellulite, hair loss.

RESULT:           Main result will observe in 2-3 weeks after treatment!

                             After treatment:  Provides the skin with immediate moisture,

                        signals the cells to produce natural moisture, collagen & elastin.

RECOMMENDED COURSE:             4-5 sessions

RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY:    every 3-5 weeks; after course: 1 sess/ 3 months

RECOVERY PERIOD:                         up to 48 hours

   *Consultation is required 




A series of active solutions especially suited for professional Mesotherapy  treatments. Based on innovative ingredients that work deep inside the layers of the skin. The series was developed especially for implementing the mesotherapeutic theory and for professional treatments in the clinic.


     Mesotherapy is a system of subcutaneous treatment approach which was developed in France in 1952 by  Dr Michel Pistor (1924 2003).  The term Mesotherapy came into being in 1958 and is a combination of the Greek words Mesos - Middle and Therapeia -to treat medically.

In 1987 the Academie National de Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as a skin treatment process and today it is a common approach for treating skin defects and for skin rejuvenation all over Europe and the American Continent.


   Technological development and further research have opened the possibility for paramedical estheticians who have undergone special training to offer Mesotherapic treatments.


    The Mesotherapy system espouses the insertion of a concentrated treatment of active ingredients and combined cocktails into the skin. The treatment reaches the active area without passing through the digestion system or the blood or the large blood vessels. The ingredients popular in Mesotherapy combine Hyaluronic Acid in various quantities, vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and plant extracts that have undergone genetic upgrade, all inserted directly into the depth of the dermis.


   The active ingredients strengthen and renew the collagen and elastin fibres, giving the skin back its firmness by adding volume and connecting the inter-cellular plasma. Improving the texture, elasticity, firmness of the skin and treating all the photo-aging symptoms.


The benefits of skin needling have been recognised for many years. Device uses Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVN™) technology with disposable tips, each containing 12 microderm needles that painlessly penetrate the skin, creating micro-channels. This stimulates collagen producing cells and allows the active ingredients of topical products to penetrate deeper into skin for intense rejuvenation

  • Uses your body’s own natural regenerative abilities.

  •  Visibly tightens, lifts and rejuvenates skin.

  •  Increases absorption of topical skin care products.

  •  Reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

  •  Reduces the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks.

  •  Unprecedented results with short recovery time.



An active cocktail suitable for professional treatments. A combination of active ingredients such as Resveratrol, organic Silicium, Biodynes Complex and Hyaluronic Acid of low molecular weight. 

Advantages of the treatment:

Improves the rejuvenation process of the collagen fibres and the supportive layer of the skin that creates a lifting and firming effect, slows down the glycation process, relieves skin irritation and improves the skins moisture balance giving the face a bright and vibrant look.


An active cocktail especially suited for professional treatments. A combination of amino acid (Hydroxy-Prolin) organic Silicium, Hyaluronic Acid of low molecular weight and peptides which relax facial muscles to prevent expression lines.

Advantages of the treatment:

The cocktail improves the skins moisture balance, strengthens the collagen fibres and defence barrier, smooths the skins texture and softens fine lines and wrinkles.


Pure Hyaluronic Acid of a low molecular weight (100dKa) combined with organic Silicium. Activity: Smoothing of fine lines and

wrinkles of the skin layers from the inside out. Improves the elasticity in the elastic support network. Gives the skin a firmer and vibrant appearance. 

Advantages of the treatment: 

Provides the skin with immediate moisture, signals the cells to produce natural moisture and protects against break down. Thickens the matrix layer and prevents the activity of the Hyaluronidase enzyme which breaks down the Hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Areas recommended for treatment:

Face, neck and décolletage, palms. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.


An active cocktail especially suited for professional treatment. Contains Rurin Sulfate which strengthens the penetrability of the capillaries, encourages micro-circulation and prevents inflammation. Combined with the active ingredient Aldavin, an extraction of algae for support and protection of the skin and the calming of

redness. Improves the moisture balance in the skin and leaves the face with a bright and vibrant appearance.

Advantages of the treatment: Strengthens the capillary network to prevent redness of the skin, prevents glycation processes and calms skin irritations. Following the treatment, the skin looks healthy, vibrant, lighter, uniform in color with no redness


An active cocktail especially suited for professional treatment. The solution combines a cocktail of active ingredients that help strengthen hair growth, encourage blood flow to the scalp and nourish the hair follicles, improving the natural regeneration processes. Contains hydroxyproline, vitamin B3 and copper peptides that promotes the regeneration of hair follicles. Suitable for all ages and for all types of hair.


Advantages of the treatment:

The ingredients aid the strengthening of hair growth, improves blood flow in the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles, improving the natural renewal processes.

Suitable for all skin types. Recommended to use on the face, jaw line, around the ears, neck and décolletage.


An active cocktail especially suited for professional treatments. A combination of ingredients that treat cellulite in various areas of the body. It combines caffeine, organic Silicium, amino-acids, Centella Asiatica and Theophylline. This combination of ingredients creates lipolysis activity, which encourages the release of fats from cells as well as an increase of blood flow in the capillaries to prevent cellulite accumulation, strengthens the collagen fibres and the defence barrier, softens stretch marks and increases the skin elasticity and firmness. 


Advantages of the treatment:

Encourages detox activity and lymphatic drainage in the fat pockets, prevents inflammations created as a result of fatnaccumulation, softens stretch marks and improves the skins elasticity and firmness.


Hyaluronic Acid in an active solution especially suited for professional treatments. Contains a pure and high concentrate of hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight (2,000dKa).


Advantages of the treatment:

Gives the skin volume and acts as a sponge for skin absorption. Conceals lines from the inner layers outwards and thickens the matrix layer creating a stretch and lift effect of the facial features. Gives the skin a firmer, more vibrant and elastic appearance. Offers immediate moisture, elevates the natural moisture level thus aiding the skin to maintain long lasting moisture. Suitable for all skin types and ages.


An active cocktail optimized especially for professional treatments. Combines anti-inflammatory ingredients like willow extract (salicylic acid), hawthorn fruit extract, geranium and vitamin B3 to help balance the skins’ oil secretion.


Advantages of the treatment:

Especially suitable for normal to oily skin, skin that is prone to breakouts. Helps to prevent pimples and leaves skin looking fresh with a matt appearance.


An active cocktail especially for professional treatments. A combination of active ingredients based on Hydroxyproline combined with organic Silicum. Reinforces the collagen fibers, strengthening the skin, preventing looseness around the jaw area and maintaining a vital and supple appearance of the skin.

Advantages of the treatment: Firms mature skin, strengthening elasticity after diet or sun exposure, smoothing deep expression lines and dry wrinkles. Gives concentrated moisture to dry skin, granting fresh, tight and younger looking skin.


Areas recommended for treatment:

Suitable for all skin types. Recommended to use on the face, jaw line, around the ears, neck and décolletage.



Not suitable  for customers taking blood thinners, nor to diabetics.

Avoid this treatment in cases of a history of eczema, psoriasis and chronic diseases of the skin.

Do not treat keloidal scars, inflamed skin, eruptions of pustular acne, rosacea or other active skin diseases.

If the patient is suffering from a herpes outbreak, a preventive treatment must be undergone before Micro-NEEDLING treatment.


Instructions for continuation of treatment at client's home:

1. No rubbing or scratching - do not to use the peeling scrub at home for 3-4 days after treatment.

2. No hair coloring - It is very important for the client to plan her schedule right and not set up a hair coloring after treatment. While drying hair with electrical appliances, be sure not to heat face area. In a case of scalp treatment - consult about the length of time not to use any type of electric hairdresser.

3. Avoid physical activity for 24 hours - sweating and raising the body temperature are not recommended on a day of treatment.

4. Maintaining hygiene - After mesotherapy treatment, it is important to avoid contamination of skin, so be sure to maintain cleanliness - to wash hands thoroughly and disinfect using antibacterial substance before touching the face. Use clean creams and makeup products within their validity period.

5. AHA acids or retinol - return to use products containing these ingredients only after a week and depending on skin condition.

6. Do not carry out any kind of treatments that affect the skin such as plucking, deep cleaning, filling injections etc. until recovery of the skin and after consultation with the cosmetician.

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