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OXYGENEO® by Pollogen. Super 4-in-1 Facial

Pollogen OxyGeneo® is a unique device that performs a 4-in-1 facial using the patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology. Using TriPollar radiofrequency and ultrasound technology, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, exfoliation, and improved oxygen supply can be achieved at a new level. OxyGeneo imbues the skin with nutrients, smoothes and refreshes the complexion, and results in younger-looking skin.


There are three steps of the treatment:

1) Removal of dead cells: 

In the first step, exfoliations removes dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin.

2) Depositing active ingredients: 

Revitalizing and rebuilding agents are infused into the skin. There are two possible active ingredients used: either NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin whitening and texture improvement.


3) Oxygenation: 

OxyGeneo® produces CO2 bubbles that gently burst on the skin’s surface, triggering a physiological reaction that transports oxygen-rich blood into the treatment area. This activity increases capillary flow and skin metabolism, and oxygenation leads to optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

4) Facelift:

Oxygeneo at a glance


approx. 40 mins.




every 10-14 days



HK$ 1280

Oxygeneo First Trial

HK$ 680

Tripollar® Facelift

HK$ 1280

Tripollar® First Trial

HK$ 680

Oxygeneo + Tripollar® 

HK$ 1880



How does Oxygeneo® Treatment work?

During the treatment, the deep layers of the skin are subjected to heat. This warming procedure leads to the break-up of heat-resistant bonds within the collagen molecule and allows the contraction of the collagen fibers. The dermal tissue is thoroughly renewed by this process. In addition to causing the collagen molecules to contract, the radiofrequency treatment has a positive effect on fatty tissue. The deep heat exposure increases the permeability of cell membranes and the metabolization of fat so that fat loss in the treated area is specifically promoted. After the heat exposure, dead skin cells are removed in a method similar to microdermabrasion. The skin is thus prepared for the subsequent injection of the active ingredients.

What are the benefits of the  Oxygeneo® Treatment?

  • Stimulation of cell regeneration

  • Skin tightening

  • Refreshment and hydration of the skin

  • Restoration of skin volume

  • Revitalization of skin tone

  • Reduction of wrinkles

  • General refinement of the skin surface (pore minimization)

  • Reduction of pigment spots

  • Immediately visible results after the first treatment

  • Suitable for any skin type

Who is  OxyGeneo® suitable for?

This treatment is particularly suitable for skin with wrinkles, lines and sagging contours and for anti-aging and preventative measures. The treatment is also ideal for UV-damaged skin with pigment spots and for pale skin with poor circulation. An OxyGeneo treatment is also a suitable option for skin refreshment and smoothing before an important occasion.

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