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100% natural.

A natural body oil to nourish the most demanding skins and bring out the touch of inner sensuality every woman has.

Formula gathers 100% pure essential and vegetal oils that nourish the most exigent skins in just one product. Feel special every day by immersing yourself in our feminine elixir. Your body and mind will be perfectly balanced and you will be invaded by a pleasant wellbeing sensation.


Made with 100% pure vegetable essential oils. A 100% exquisite feminine body oil made with the most delicate essences of mother nature. It balances body and mind, allowing to reach a perfect well-being.


CV PRIMARY ESSENCE is one of the world's four major oil producers. It is also the new darling of the Spanish young fragrance brand, a true natural skin care product, completely loyal to nature. Using the most advanced technology, we develop natural skin care products with the concept of extracting the purest fragrance, so that we can best care for your skin, adjust your brain and integrate with nature. CV PRIMARY ESSENCE products comply with the ECOCERT standard and will not cause environmental damage during production. The total composition of the product must be 95% natural. It is also prohibited to use chemical artificial anti-corrosion and animal experiments to maintain high quality. CV PRIMARY ESSENCE

CV - Afrodita Primary Essence Body Oil 150ml

  • - Tighten, firms and tones the bust naturally, giving it back its original beautiful and youthful state;
    - Emotionally, massages can help to relieve tensions and pressure for deep relaxation; 
    - All-rounded benefits to skin: firming, smoothing, anti-wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and scars for a younger-looking skin. 

  • Apply on the body and massage until its complete absorption, or pour 5 ml on the bathtub for a realsensual and feminine bathtime.

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