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My first iPedicure and why I LOVED it!

We had a chat with Mei, a busy working mum, who has worked extensively in the skincare industry. She shared with us, her first experience of an iPedicure and her reasons for choosing it.

iPedicure, an innovative pedicure technique, widely popular and successful in Europe, is launching for the first time in Hong Kong. iPedicure is one such endeavour to provide an exclusive, effective pedicure treatment in the most hygienic environment possible.


Hi Mei!

Did you enjoy your iPedicure treatment? What was the highlighting factor that stood out for you?

“I really did enjoy my first iPedicure! It felt really very different and super cool…I’d say what stood out for me was that it was such a clean experience. There was no mess, no filing, rubbing or scaling of feet, it was very hygienic and clean. I loved that!”

How did your skin feel after the treatment? Any visible results?

“I can definitely feel the difference. My skin is much cleaner, softer and feels smooth too. I got it done about 2 weeks back and my skin is still good. So far, so good…”

How often do you get a pedicure done? Do you view it as a luxury treatment or as a necessity?

“Well…I normally go for a pedicure about once in every 6 weeks …or if there is a special occasion like a wedding or social gathering I am going to! It also depends on the weather…usually more during summer rather than winter. My feet get really dirty with all the humidity and heat”

How would you compare an iPedicure to say, a regular pedicure service?

Regular pedicures are really messy, all the water…soaking, washing off, drying…not the most hygienic either. iPedicure, on the other hand, was such a clean experience, absolutely no fuss or no mess. The beauty therapist was very skilled while performing the treatment”

Did the machinery overwhelm you? (iPedicure is done using an electric drill)

“ha ha…not really! For may be about 5 seconds, I was curious, that’s all…in fact, as time passed by, it was very therapeutic and absolutely painless!”

Do you feel the iPedicure experience was worth the money spent?

“Yes, the price is high compared to a 100 - 200$ regular pedicure…But in my opinion, it was well worth the price. I have been to lousy and unhygienic salons for a pedicure. iPedicure was done in a very hygienic environment and tools, very safe, very swift and the dry skin on my feet are all gone! I personally think it is well worth the price to maintain good health and to take good care of my feet.”

Will you switch to iPedicure? Would you recommend it to your family and friends?

“It lasts longer than a regular pedicure, it is very hygienic and painless and gets done very swiftly. I will choose iPedicure any day…I am planning to take my husband along the next time…”

What made you choose iPedicure?

“I wanted to try something new, something different and I heard about iPedicure from my friends from Germany. They said it is about good health, we get iPedicures regularly as we believe in investing in good health. I couldn’t agree more!”

Read more about iPedicure®

Find iPedicure® in Hong Kong


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