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iPedicure® – Innovative Spa Procedure in Hong Kong

Treat your feet to the best pedicure in the world, with iPedicure. Constantly on the run (literally!), walking throughout the day, your feet deserve the best of both worlds – healthy and beautiful feet. Recently launched in Hong Kong(and easily accessible in Central), iPedicure® is an innovative pedicure technique, prevalent and widely popular in Europe with proven success across salons.

iPedicure® is an innovative pedicure technique that is a non-invasive, dry procedure performed by highly skilled foot care specialists who integrate podiatry with nail care. It provides a luxury pedicure experience with consistent, almost-perfect looking feet in half the time, while maintaining utmost hygiene.

German-based Ruck is one of the world-leading foot care company, backed by more than 90 years of expertise and experience. RUCK’s superior technological offering, PODOLOGNOVA 3, an electric drill machine is used with iPedicure to provide a professional finish and long-lasting “baby feet” results. Widely successful in Europe and distributed in more than 40 countries, iPedicure has been practiced for more than 35 years now.

Comprehensive Luxury Treatment

iPedicureis a comprehensive, revolutionary technique that can treat all foot-related problems such as cracked heels, athlete’s foot, splinters, ingrown toe-nails, damaged or weak nails, callused feet, corns, warts, blisters, fungus nails, yellow nails, thick skin and nails. The rotary instrument applies a light pressure to soften and moisturize hard skin skilfully. As a result, the skin is completely smooth.

In order to protect toenails and cuticles, iPedicure is equipped with milling bits to shape or trim the nails. Cutting toenails often result in rough, sharp edges and tend to tear the nails. It is a perfectly safe procedure with visible results and beautiful-looking, soft feet.

“Baby Feet” Results after Luxury Pedicure

iPedicureis a non-intrusive treatment and provides the client with a feeling of indulgence. The technique is extremely safe, very hygienic and ensures maximum client satisfaction with palpable results of soft skin like “baby feet”. The results are long-lasting and can sustain the softness with continued moisturization (applied nightly) of up to 3 months!

The pedicure does not require any prep to soften the skin with water, soaking the skin and other cumbersome changes. As a result, the treatment time is also halved to 45 minutes while regular pedicures take more than an hour. iPedicure saves the customer’s precious time yet provides effective results.

Hygienic Spa Treatment

Our feet are exposed to various elements like dirt, dust, pollution during the day. The skin is vulnerable to infections and damage and a thorough clean becomes mandatory.

Pedicure often entails washing, soaking, cleaning and prepping with water, soap and various elements that can sometimes, irritate the skin. When human hands are involved, the pressure or strain of rubbing and scrubbing may result in redness of skin, slight pain or bruises (though not intended).

Alternately, iPedicure is suitable for all clients.  There is no risk of infection or compromise in hygienic measures as there is minimal manual intervention and a 3-step sterilization process. All instruments are sterilized maintaining high standards of hygiene using innovative sterilizing equipment and liquid.

The unit has service-friendly features allowing all surfaces of the unit to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with ease. The additional noise optimization keeps the sound of the machine softer.

In a highly-polluted city like Hong Kong, a hygienic spa treatment is a huge plus for better podiatric care and eliminating any risk of infection.

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