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Hong Kong Needs Hygienic Spa

When you need an indulgent and relaxing experience, you head to the salon to get your nails done.

Did you ever think about the risk of infections you expose your nails and skin to? Many consumers

are unaware of the sub-standard hygienic measures in “premier salons”. When it comes to the

“instant-salons” that Hong Kong is flooded with, the less said the better.

A recent survey reveals that 52% of people get fungal infections, skin rashes or nail issues, mainly

from nail salons. Owing to lack of hygiene or use of contaminated instruments, the salons may

expose their customers to athlete’s foot, cellulitis (a serious bacterial infection) and viral warts, to

name a few. Alarmingly, it is even reported that you can develop hepatitis or even HIV through a

mani-pedi. Although the possibility of risk is relatively low, it is imperative that you practice caution

and choose the salons wisely.

You must be an aware and informed customer before stepping into a nail salon or spa for any


Absence of Hygienic Standards

In the absence of standardized practices of hygiene, it is difficult to regulate the nail care industry.

You may visit a salon that does not have proper knowledge or training about how important it is to

maintain cleanliness, using sterilized manicure tools and ensure that disposable tools such as pumice

stones, nail brushes, cuticle sticks are not shared between customers. For example, pumice stone is

a common tool that is used to smooth rough skin. They are porous and prone to spread bacteria –

a pedicure tool you just DON’T share.

Additionally, a traditional pedicure often involves soaking feet in a water tub or bowl. When several

feet go through the process in the same tub (that may not get a thorough cleaning in between

sessions), it can lead to nail fungus and other bacterial infections, especially with the humidity in

Hong Kong.

If you want to be cautious and safe, the best bet is to bring your own tools and nail polish to the

salon. You may need to take an extra step of a thorough cleaning and disinfection before and after


Health Risks Due to Poor Sanitation

Due to paucity of space in Hong Kong, it is common to see instant-salons spring up everywhere

offering nail treatments and foot spas. They may offer these treatments at throwaway prices

however hygiene and sanitation may take a backseat. Scan the room and observe:

1. Is the floor clean and dry (no stagnant water or moisture)?

2. Does the bin look like it is cleared regularly?

3. Are the tools neatly organized or strewn everywhere as they get used?

4. Are the footbaths, basins, step stools clean and dry, when not in use?

While these safety measures may be customary many salons tend to ignore these healthy steps.

Sharing manicure instruments, towels shared among customers are health hazards as they are

breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, many customers are unknowingly exposed to skin

infections or vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria, fungus or viruses that can manifest into greater

health risks.


Dry Non-Surgical Procedure – iPedicure

The perfect answer to all these challenges is the iPedicure ® , popularly referred to as “Medi-Pedi” in

Europe, which means “Medical Pedicure”. It is a dry procedure that is quick, painless and provides

results with a perfect finish and clean, beautiful feet. As there is no water involved, there is no fear

of infection from the moisture or humidity.

Performed by trained professionals, the equipment used goes through stringent process of cleaning:

1. The equipment is soaked in disinfectant solution.

2. Hot air sterilization is performed to prevent the spread of germs, fungus and diseases.

3. Sterile equipment is then sealed and packed through foil welding

4. Finally, the sterile goods are safely stored into an UV unit to maintain cleanliness.

It is imperative that the cleaning process is in a sequence and each stage of disinfection, hot air

sterilization and finally sealing and storage of equipment is performed collectively. Each stage of cleaning cannot be skipped, swapped or performed separately.

Hugely successful in Europe, recently launched in Hong Kong, you can experience the magic of

iPedicure ® at Hong Kong’s renowned beauty centre in Central.

Call them now to avail special discounted prices for the first trial. Visit

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