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Why cutting cuticles is unhealthy?

“Looking good isn’t self-importance, it’s about self-respect and maintaining good health”

Did you know that well-groomed nails are one of the first few things people notice about you?

Vanity aside, good nail care is not just about good-looking hands, it is also indicative of overall

health, good nutrition and healthy skin free of infections.

Many people have a nervous habit of biting their nails especially when they are bored. While the bad

habit may seem negligible to most, it promotes bacterial transfer from your nails to the mouth

evidently making you sick. A great way to kick this unhygienic habit is to get a manicure, paint your

nails and admire your hands all day and be admired.

Hong Kong is brimming with numerous hair/nail salons at every nook and corner of the city. While it

is easy to find a salon easily, the best nail treatment may not be so obvious. It needs some research

and it always pays to be an informed customer. Before you go ahead and get a mani-pedi, think

about a few aspects of the process that may affect your general well-being, in this case, specifically

nail care and healthy skin.

Cutting your Cuticles is Unhealthy

A regular manicure entails clipping or cutting of crusty cuticles. The cuticle is a layer of clear skin

located along the bottom edge, also known as the nail bed. The cuticle’s main role is to protect new

nails from bacteria when they grow from the root.

The cuticle area is delicate; performing the function of protecting your nails and the skin surrounding

them, from infection. This can lead to infection allowing bacteria and germs to enter the nail bed

easily. Most nail salons continue to cut cuticles despite the fact to facilitate better application of nail

polish. However, cutting cuticles is not healthy.

Healthy and Safe Measures

Cuticles do grow and nail care requires careful trimming of the cuticles. This can be dealt with, in a

healthy manner by applying a cuticle oil and/or massage cream to moisturize the skin bed. Once it is

softened, using a cuticle pusher, you can carefully push back the cuticle along the lower edge of the


You need to eliminate the excess skin and hangnails by using tweezers or clippers. You can avoid

cutting off the cuticle entirely or ripping it off or biting it.

Applying Vaseline on your hands overnight is a great way to maintain the moisture on your

fingernails and hands.

Innovative Manicure Technique – iPedicure ® & iManicure

There are alternate, healthy manicure techniques that treat cuticles with kindness. Keeping up with

the latest techniques of nail care, an innovative manicure technique, hugely popular in Europe has

recently been introduced in Hong Kong.

It provides the highest level of hygiene, quality of service and as a bonus, is a non-invasive, dry

procedure. The procedure gently mills the nail particles – causing no harm to the nail bed or cuticles.

My Perfect Body Spa, centrally located in Central, has recently launched iPedicure® & iManicure – a non-invasive, dry procedure that provides consistent, amazing results. Hugely popular in Europe, this

technique is also compared to a “medical procedure” as it is completely safe, hygienic and provides

consistent results. Performed by trained professionals, the equipment used go through stringent

process of disinfection, hot air sterilization, foil welding and finally stored into an UV unit. This

ensures the prevention of spread of germs, fungus or bacteria of all kinds.

You can experience the magic of iPedicure ® at Hong Kong’s renowned beauty centre in Central.

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